Wednesday, December 19, 2007

12/19/07 John D.

400 S, 200K, 200 P
4 x 100 Desc on 1:30/1:45
6 x 50 Freestyle Breakdown
1. Entry - hand enters the water directl6y in front of the shoulder, elbow slightly flexed, palm facing down, out, and back.
2. Stretch - after entry, stretch arm forward while the other arm completes its underwater stroke.
3. Catch - when that stroke is complete, press down, out, and back with your hand, keeping your elbow stationary, until you feel a solid catch, writst flexed and palm pitched slightly outward.
4. Downsweep/Insweep - once the catch is made, sweep the hand downward then to the midline of the body. Slowly rotate your palm inward and upward as you do so.
5. Upsweep - when your hand passes your head, push water out, up, and back toward your thigh. Rotate palm outward then flatten your hand.
6. Release - release the pressure on the water as your hand approaches your thigh. Then turn your palm inward so that your hand leaves the water at its side.
6 x 100 w/fins on 1:30/1:45 2nd 25 head up/4th 25 fast
2 x 200 w/fins hypoxic breath every 3/4/5/6 or 3/5/7/9 or 2/4/6/8 x 50

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