Wednesday, March 5, 2008

3/05/08 PM @ Kennedy John D.

200S, 200 Choice, 200K
2 x (25 hd 1st, face up, hands at hips
25 ft 1st, face up, hands overhead
25 hd 1st, face down, hands at hips)
backstroke Breakdown (6 x 50)
entry - place hand in the water little finger first, directly in front of the shoulder with palms facing out.
catch - after entry, mak a strong catch by truning hand down and out and pusing down on the water.
first downsweep - after the catch, sweep hand down and out, turning palm toward the pool bottom as you do so. Roll shoulders, hips and legs toward the downsweeping arm.
Upsweep - When the hand passes the deepest point, turn palm up and sweep up, in and backward in a diagonal path until the arm is flexed at 90 degrees. Pitch palm down and in as you do so.
Recovery - when arm is extended at the end of the recovery, lift shoulders out to initiate the recovery. The hands should leave the water thumb first, palm in. Recover arms directly overhead, rotating palm outward as it passes overhead. The Head remains still and unmoving, chin back.
3 x 100 K on side facing record board Rest:30

2 x (4 x 25 Free Rest:15 Breath on right side on the odds, left side on the evens.)
2 x 50 Back 2 second glide
2 x 75 Drill #1 Free, #2 Back
100 build R:15

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