Wednesday, December 21, 2011

12/21/11 Silas

300 (100SKP)
12 sets of Christmas
Twelve 25s drilling 300 (take turns choosing the drill)
Eleven lengths no stopping 275 (choice of stroke/equipment)
Ten strokes of freestyle 25 (take only 10 strokes for 25 yards)
Nine flipper 50s 450 (freestyle w/ fins on SHORT rest interval)
Eight breaths for 50 50 (50 free; space out your breaths)
Seven strokes of breaststroke 50 (and 7 strokes for butterfly coming back)
Six 50s IM 300 (w/ fins 2 X [FL/BK..BK/BR..BR/FR]
Five lengths of kicking 125 (choice; end in the deep end)
Four minutes med ball priceless
Three sprints choice 75 (3 X 25 choice, all out)
Two lengths of scull 50 (choice of scull)
And a silent swim to cool yourself
50 (choice)
WARMDOWN 300 easy

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