Friday, April 27, 2012

04/27/12 Paul

The ideas and focus points are the main ingredient – don’t just slog through the yardage:
Warm-up to individual’s desire
8 x 75 rest = 15 sec Kick/Drill/Swim Freestyle
1) Kick is streamline – I mean STREAMLINE, head down and body stretched out – perfect position and do not break streamline to get your breath – slide your head up and slide back down in to a perfect streamline position.
2) Drill length is alternate high elbow, finger-tip drag and catch-up. Focus on high elbow is relaxed arm recovery and proper head position. Focus on catch-up is maintaining proper body position and “snapping” hips around as you pull each arm through the stroke.
3) Swim is perfect technique freestyle – head down shoulders and hips rotating through every stroke

4 x through the following set:
a) 200 freestyle – long, strong at a good cruise pace on 3:00/3:20/3:40 at least 20 seconds rest, but not much more than 30
b) 100 IM fast ri: 20 seconds press this swim on each cycle through
c) 2 x 50 choice on 1:00/1:15/1:30 need to get between 15-20 sec rest here – be ready to start next cycle on interval – NO EXTRA REST between sets

8 x 50 Kick streamline OR with a board – but do not use fins rest = 15 sec
Dolphin kick down and flutter kick back

Cool Down - 4 x 50 free Perfect technique, decrease effort and pace with each 50. First one is medium hard, last one is easy.

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