Saturday, December 22, 2012

12-21-12 Frank Mayan workout- Swim * 500 yards crawl warmup (continuous swimming) * 4 x 100 yards crawl, resting :15 between (do not breathe within 4 strokes of approaching the wall or 4 strokes after leaving the wall) * 10 x flip turns (practice taking 4 strokes and doing a flip turn followed by 4 strokes without a breathe) * 2 x 200 yards crawl fast swim (swim at a fast pace and focus on completing the turns like you practiced them) * 4 x 200 IM focusing on turns (concentrate on making clean transitions between strokes as you make your turns) * 400 yards crawl (breathe every 4th stroke and do not breathe within 4 strokes of the wall, do flip turns on all turns) * 500 crawl warmdown (swim slowly and relax)

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